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Workhuman Cloud® is the simple solution for today’s small and midsize companies to work from anywhere in a more connected way that elevates culture, increases engagement, and provides actionable insights into your workforce. Get up and running in minutes with a free 6-month trial.

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Create a community.

Fill out the form and verify your email address. Then create your first community and invite colleagues.


Start recognizing!

Send your first recognition moment to a team or a specific colleague.


Promote and empower.

Encourage your community members to engage with each program – or as we like to say: Thank, talk, celebrate!

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Service Milestones Icon Service Milestones

Recognize important career highlights like work anniversaries and more.

service milestones 10 year anniversary
award medal icon

Career celebrations

Celebrate work anniversaries with everyone.

icon with two people

Bigger impact

Crowdsource congratulations for a richer, more meaningful experience.

brainstorm icon

Active timeline

Provide a place for employees to reflect on their company history.

people organized in a triangle with lines connecting

Team celebrations

Create a social experience by easily inviting the broader team to celebrate.

social recognition icon Social Recognition

Create deep team bonds, maximize engagement, and drive employee productivity from anywhere with peer-to-peer recognition.

person being recognized for teamwork
man and woman icon

Community engagement

Engage your entire community in a social experience.

community icon

Advanced analytics

Use advanced analytics to understand how, where, and by whom work gets done.

upward trending graph

Diversity & inclusion

Create a more inclusive culture by bridging the gap between diversity and inclusion.

spark icon

Fast adoption

Invest in an HR solution that your workforce will adopt fast and use frequently.

conversations icon Conversations

Nurture relationships, build trust, and develop talent in an agile way that reflects how work gets done in today’s hybrid workplace.

quarterly check-in conversations
checklist icon

Faster output

Improve productivity through better, more frequent 1:1s.

handshake icon

Improved culture

Create a culture of open, continuous feedback.

two speech bubbles

Hidden gems

Discover and develop top talent.

gem icon

Increased alignment

Align teams on goals and priorities.

life events icon Life Events

Teams stay connected and engaged – even in times of distance and change – through a culture of celebration where employees can bring their whole selves to work.

new baby life event
award medal icon

Celebrated moments

Create a custom list of Life Events awards for your busines including new babies, new homes, marriages and more.

three people icon with lines between them

Extended celebrations

Create a social experience by easily inviting the broader team to celebrate.

flame icon

Inspired employees

Inspire employees to bring their whole selves to work.

heart icon

Empowered people

Let any employee initiate a Life Event celebration for a co-worker.

three star icon

Bigger impact

Crowdsource congratulations for a richer, more meaningful experience.

mood tracker icon Moodtracker

Keep your finger on the pulse of the employee experience with the most advanced Voice of the Employee survey tool.

mood tracker survey results
repeat icon

Continuous pulse

Keep a continuous pulse on your people.

beaker icon

No scientist needed

Leverage science without the scientist.

checkmark icon

Actionable insights

Use actionable recommendations to create a winning culture.

globe with map pin icon

Comparative data

Compare your results with millions of employees around the world.

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