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How can organizations empower nimble and impactful decision-making processes across their organizations in a post-pandemic world? Join to learn from the experts as they share the latest groundbreaking analytics from Workhuman® research into COVID’s impact on the workplace – and tips for developing a high-trust culture that fuels engagement moving forward.

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How is your organization leveraging new DE&I opportunities to create a human workplace that truly allows every employee to feel valued and included? Join this webinar to hear Meisha-ann Martin, Director of People Analytics at Workhuman®, and Sarah Morgan, CEO at BuzzARooney, discuss the many facets of an effective, successful DE&I strategy.

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What are successful organizations doing to unlock the business value of human connection – especially as people continue to work in hybrid environments? Join this webinar to hear Naomi Dishington discuss the future of work – and what’s needed to build it well – from both behavioral and people analytics standpoint.

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Join us for the first webinar of our new series. Citizens will share insights for building a culture of connections during uncertain times.

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