eBook: The Trouble with Milestones

[one_half last=”no”]Is your service anniversary program tired, uninspiring, or burdensome? Implementing an intuitive years of service program that automatically invites participation from colleagues can be a huge opportunity for making milestone programs more inclusive, more automated, and less work for administrators. If you need a checklist of possible flaws… Read More

eBook: A New Vision for Milestones

[one_half last=”no”] There is an untapped resource in your organization that has the potential to move the needle on engagement, retention and employee happiness. It is your years of service program. No, really! Milestone programs have been on autopilot for decades, but they deserve a closer look. A… Read More

12 Game-Changing Ideas for Years of Service Programs

[one_half last=”no”] Imagine a years of service experience that actually inspires your employees—all of them—as they reach out to share stories, congratulate and show their colleagues why they matter. In 12 Game-Changing Ideas for Years of Service Programs you will find a dozen innovative questions to help you revive… Read More

Mood Tracker™ Fall 2014 Report

[one_half last=”no”] The Effect of Work Relationships on Organizational Culture and Commitment In our Fall 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker report we focus on the power of work friendships and on their impact on service milestone awards: what about them is working, and where we have opportunities for improvement. We examine… Read More